Dear film lovers

The 7th Annual Film Festival on Aging celebrates the aging process as profound and meaningful, often challenging, and always courageous. Will we ‘age gracefully’, or crankily, or painfully? Or defiantly? Our filmmakers portray some of the many facets of this unique, ever-changing experience honestly and artfully and always with compassion and love for their subjects. In the post-film Q&A’s, we want to hear what you have to say.

Thank you for being here.

Sheila Malkind, Executive Director

Board of Directors: Zel Anders, Howard Bloomberg, Amy Hittner, Alan Klaum, Koko Kawasaki, Paul Kleyman, Arlene Reiff.

Thank you, Rufus Browning, Judy Goddess, Obo Help, Edith Kaplan, Sanae Kelly, Jane Logan, Hiromi Makepeace, David Malkind, Helene Peckerman, Tony Snapes, Janet Tom, David Shenk, and our donors, volunteers, filmmakers, and sponsors. Web Designer: Ana Abraldes; Program designer, Jason Luz.

Interviews and Articles

Silver Hair on the Silver Screen. In Conversation With Sheila Malkind by Barbara Kate Repa
On the Making Life Meaningful at Every Stage and Every Age Honor Radar
On Internalized Ageism and Turning 50 by Koko Kawasaki | GeroInspired
What does it mean to be an elder today? KALW Your Call
Listen to "Why "Aging" is In" on Spreaker.
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